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Weight Loss Foods

Weight Loss Food for weight loss diet to lose body fat for body shaping, body sculpting, muscle toning, exercise fitness programs.

Weight Loss Eating Weight Loss Food For Fat Loss, Body Shaping, Body Sculpting, Fitness Modeling, Weight Loss Programs

#1 Priority – Vegetable and Fruits Carbohydrates or “Carbs” *


Vegetables - Cellulose Vegetables


Cellulose Carbohydrates | Low Glycemic Carbohydrates (Low Glycemic Carbs)

Cellulose carbohydrates contain cellulose fiber which increases metabolism and helps you feel full after eating; low glycemic carbs give you sustained energy – an endurance energy, increased stamina

Greens, Lettuce, Spinach, Romaine, Red Leaf, GreenLeaf, Kale, Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower

Greens, lettuce, salads, have been proven over the centuries to be the most effective weight loss food. They are not only extremely nutritious from giving you essential vitamins, minerals, to antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic qualities. In other words, every day, scientists and researchers find positive effects of vegetables. The bottom line is they work. They are the most proven methods to lose body fat, plus increase immunity, enhance your life, memory, energy,  etc.



Berries i.e.  Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, 

Raspberries, Boysenberries, Acai, Melon I.E. Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon, Honeydew (Sweet Melon), And To A Degree, Watermelon, Apples, then Oranges, Plums, etc

Berries are low glycemic, plus full of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties, plus full of fiber; cantaloupe is one of the best foods you can eat, full of Vitamin A, fiber, etc, Apples contain pectin, which aides in weight loss.


Vegetables - Starchy Vegetables


Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Corn, etc

Starchy carbs


#2 Priority – protein: low fat protein or lean protein


Whey Protein

Has been proven to be extremely effective for weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, muscle gaining; has calcium which has been proven to increase fat reduction; naturally has a higher number of branched chain amino acids (BCAA or BCAAs) which promote lean muscle tissue, increase satiety / decrease appetite, therefore, keeps you feeling full. Note: a whey protein shake for breakfast is by far the most effective and successful way to start and maintain your weight loss diet, since you start your day ‘on the right foot’ a solid meal of protein with a full stomach, especially if you use fruit, such as bananas, strawberries / most berries. Plus it’s very fast to make.


Low Fat Fish i.e. Sole, Halibut, Canned Tuna, Pollack, Cod; 

Shellfish i.e. Calamari / Octopus Rings (as long as not the fried kind), Scallops, Mussels

Low fat fish and low fat shellfish are extremely effective in fat loss. Many professional bodybuilders, especially female fitness models focus on sole, canned tuna, halibut, calamari rings, even scallops for their protein before a bodybuilding contest or a fitness model contest or show. Fish is by far an excellent source or protein, especially for weight loss, be aware of the mercury levels, therefore, be consciously aware of the source and location.


Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Similar to whey protein in being a highly effective weight loss food, including first of all, a complete protein, high in calcium, which has been proven to help people lose body fat, and in the end, it works. For years, people have been consuming low fat cottage cheese, because it works for weight loss. Again, every in balance. A half cup to a cup is fine. Add some pineapple, apples, peaches, berries, you’ll be even better, especially if you make this as a snack or an in between meal.


Skim milk, non fat milk, low fat milk, 1% milk

Milk contains casein, which helps promote muscle tissue and lasts longer in the stomach for more amino acid delivery to your muscles. Milk is better for body sculpting, body building because of the amino acid profile. Low fat, 1% milk, contains the fat which may help with weight loss. Still, milk in general is very highly ineffective as a health food.


Chicken Breast (White Meat), Chicken (Dark Meat), 

Turkey Breast (White Meat), Turkey (Dark Meat), Pork Loin (Lean Pork)

Even though sole and calamari are extremely effective weight loss proteins, chicken breast is by far the staple of most bodybuilders and fitness models  for losing weight, weight loss, fat loss, body sculpting, body shaping. Turkey has a high amount of the amino acid, Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan), which has sedative like properties, is a sedative like amino acid, which may make you feel sleepy or drowsy. Pork loin is excellent for lean muscle mass. Pork loin as a very high number of branched chain amino acids (BCAA or BCAAs) which promote lean muscle tissue, increase satiety / decrease appetite, therefore, keeps you feeling full and increases muscle definition.

Medium Fat Fish i.e. Salmon, Fresh Tuna, 

Sea Bass To High Fat Fish i.e. Mackerel, Anchovies, Herring, Eel

These fish have excellent fat for weight loss, anti inflammation effects  and anti inflammatory properties, though since extremely high in fat, limit salmon and fresh tuna to 3 ounces once per week, especially since high probability high in mercury and obviously, fat. This includes your sushi and sashimi. Note: most shark fin, shark, sword fish steak / sword fish are extremely high in mercury and you are well advised to very cautious in consuming these products.


Egg Whites

Cheaper source of protein, probably the cheapest source of protein, high in branched chain amino acids (BCAA or BCAAs), incomplete protein so sometimes mixed with another complete protein like sliced turkey, chicken breast, nonfat cheese, low fat chess like low fat Swiss cheese, like in an omelet or scrambled eggs; sometimes mixed with egg yolk if not trying to lose fat.


Red Meat, Lean Red Meat i.e. Sirloin

Sirloin (lean red meat) (limit to once a week), especially lean sirloin or low fat sirloin; most beef fat tends to put on weight, increase in body fat, good for many football players, especially line men, sumo wrestlers, and anyone else trying to quickly gain weight


#3 Priority – Grains – Grain Carbohydrates / Grain Carbs 


Grains - Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Sourdough Bread, Ezekiel Bread, Rye Bread


Brown rice is one of the best foods you can eat, just limit to one to two cups a day if trying to lose weight, wild rice is an excellent source of fiber and very close to same health and weight loss benefits as brown rice. Sourdough bread is low glycemic through it’s sourness. Ezekiel bread is a complete protein and a complex carbohydrate through it’s combination of carbohydrate sources. It is also in the bible. Rye bread is another excellent low glycemic high carbohydrate fuel source. Rye bread is of the best quality carbs you can consume for body sculpting, fitness modeling, weight loss, or a fat loss program.


Starch Carbohydrates, or Starchy Carbohydrates and / or 

High Glycemic Carbohydrates (High Glycemic Carbs)

White rice, white bread, etc. Limit and substitute with the previous as much as possible.

* note: many people think of first which kind of protein should they should eat or put protein as their highest priority primarily due to the fad of Atkins diet. This is a mistake for people who are interested in body sculpting, muscle toning, and especially those interested in weight loss, fat loss, or just losing weight.

Simple Breakdown Of Weight Loss Food

Vegetables - Salads, Broccoli, Asparagus, Eggplant

Fruits - Berries, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew Melon

Vegetables – Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Squash

Protein - Whey Protein, Low Fat Fish, Shellfish, Chicken Breast, Egg Whites, Lean Meat I.E. Sirloin, Pork Loin

Grains – Brown Rice, Wild Rice

Detailed Breakdown Of Weight Loss Food

The Following Are Still Good For You, And You Should Still Eat Them, Yet Not As Effective For Weight Loss As The Previous, so eat mostly the previous plus some of the following:

Vegetables – Corn, Beans

Fruits – Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Nectarines, Plums, Watermelon

Protein – Skim Milk, 1% Milk, 1% Cottage Cheese, Low Fat Yogurt, Medium Fat Fish, Chicken Brown Meat

Grains – Rye Bread, Ezekiel Bread, Whole Wheat Bread

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