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Ryka Zumba Shoes For Women: Best Models [2017]

best ryka shoes for zumba workoutsTo derive total benefits from this fitness-dance routine and for an exhilarating Zumba experience, you therefore need to wear the right pair of Zumba shoes. You can choose the best ryka shoes for zumba from any of the following types:

Ryka Rhythmic+

This is a classic studio shoe which has a durable upper mesh and a thin low profile outsole.

The design of Ryka Rhythmic+ is such that the midsole cushioning is brought closer to your feet. Because of the sleek upper fit and smooth outsole, you can perform all the twists and turns easily.

Lateral support is offered by the vertical bracing installed on the Direct-Fuse upper layer. This model also comes with some more interesting features like a detachable EVA midsole, rubberized outsole having a pivot point and a molded footbed.

Ryka Exertion

This is a dynamic and trendy fitness trainer which can cater to all your studio fitness requirements. Ryka Exertion features great cushioning, superb breathability, pivot-point, lateral support and stability. This model has been manufactured using synthetic leather with an airy upper mesh which allows your feet to breathe.

There is a padded tongue with collar and traditional lace system that can guarantee a snug fit. The shoe comes with soft textile lining, long-lasting rubberized outsoles, lightweight EVA midsole, Ortholite footbed etc which can provide ultra comfort, traction, support and stability that are so important for performing the Zumba.

Ryka Downbeat

This is a functional shoe which can be used both for street wear and gym purposes.

The model looks fashionable with a flexible mid foot strap for a customized fit and to guarantee proper feet impact alignment.

Ryka Downbeat is noted for lightweight performance and is equipped with an Ortholite footbed, low profile cushioning, compression EVA midsole which has special I.H.G. technology offering enhanced heel stability, a rubber outsole in a diamond shape that guarantees the best grip appropriate for dance movements. You can buy this model in any of the four vibrant color combinations available.

The upper layer is made from synthetic mesh and high density foam that offers great stability and comfort. The Ortholite footbed is an excellent feature because it gives total comfort to your feet, regardless of the intense movements you may be performing.

So, if you are on the lookout for a sneaker which delivers amazing support, the Ryka Downbeat is just the shoe for you. This high-end sneaker is especially designed for dance aerobics like the Zumba since it is equipped to handle every step that comes its way.

Ryka Influence

This model has been designed to meet fitness studio requirements. It has been reviewed as the ideal shoe because it can cater to all your performance oriented needs.

The breathable manmade upper layer has been designed to offer maximum comfort.

The unique mid sole can absorb the full impact of both the forefront and the heels. In addition to these features, there are Flexi-Foil layers and Direct Fuse layers for greater support, fabric lining and Precise-Return insoles for heightened comfort.

Ryka Influence is available in as many as five striking colors. The synthetic upper mesh allows your feet to breathe easily.

So, for people who are looking for a lightweight Zumba dance shoes, the Ryka Influence can be an excellent choice. It can help you move across the dance floor with ease. The design is visually appealing and this is the strongest reason why this model is so highly rated by consumers. You can get most models on amazon. Models for wide feet are also available.

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Studio D

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Ryka Grafik

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What to look for in a Zumba sneaker?

As the Zumba sweeps you through a flurry of fast-paced dance movements, you are likely to feel quite exhausted before actually realizing that you are working out. Therefore, you need shoes which let your feet breathe easily and yet look stylish and trendy.

Running and walking shoes which have a thicker tread are not desirable because these typically support only forward and backward movements. Instead, cross trainers which offer lateral support may be a better option. You must realize that tap heels or toe point shoes or shoes designed for particular dance forms are not at all meant for the Zumba.[/su_note]

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