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Reebok Sprint TR 2.0 review

reebok sprint tr2 - redIf you are still new or have just come across this unique training method, this article would help you understand how a shoe such as Reebok Sprint TR 2.0 is one that you should consider for a more comfortable and safe for Crossfit training.

If you do mostly running when you train, you need a shoe that is made specifically to endure long runs. Olympic weight lifters have a different requirement when it comes to the shoes that they need to wear.

Yes, you guess it right, they need Olympic shoes.

Olympic lifting shoes are made to be heavy to allow the weightlifter to apply maximum force on the ground while lifting a heavy weight.

In Crossfit training, you do a combination of running, jumping, scaling buildings, lifting heavy weights, climbing ropes, scale buildings, and other things that will require a pair of shoes that are lightweight and comfortable, yet durable.

You will need a shoe that can deal with the variety of routines and still hold its own. This footwear has to be designed with a “zero drop” sole.

This means that there is no difference between the heel height and its toe height. It also has to be made with grippy rubber soles to keep you planted firmly on the box and help you avoid dreaded shin shears.

Reebok have all these things in mind when they were planning for the model of a footwear that can address all these concerns. The result is a lightweight and comfortable to wear Reebok Sprint TR 2.0.

Reebok offers three shoes in their line: the multi-purpose Nano 4.0, Lifter 2.0 (for weight lifting), and the Sprint 2.0 (for running and interval training). Of these training shoes, the Sprint 2.0 is made for workouts that require a lot of running. It has insoles for cushioning and shock absorption.


The Reebok Sprint TR 2.0 is officially labeled as running trainers. It is not made for marathon runners, but is intended for speed work, and can be worn as a part of an overall training. For the details of its design, Rebook made sure to create a footwear that comes with the following features:

  • It is made of CORDURA® upper to ensure durability and support;
  • It’s low-cut design to allow greater freedom when in action and quicker transitions;
  • It’s made for high-impact WODs, speed training, and different surfaces;
  • It has Ultra soft EVA foam midsole that enables responsive cushioning;
  • It’s all-new traction pattern and lugged outsole permits better grip on varied surfaces;
  • It is designed with the upgraded RopePro technology and a Kip Klip that supports CrossFit Workout of the Day;
  • It is lightweight (8.5 oz) and has a drop 3 mm for a more comfortable wear.

The underside of the shoe is also made with a propulsion plate that gives more grip when you sprint. It allows you to go to and for without losing step.


It is designed with a traditional lace-up closure that ensures a dialed-in fit. Its anti-friction lining lessens moisture as well as heat buildup, thus will keep the feet dry and cool. It is also designed with a heat-activated U-Form midfoot wrap that molds to the feet for a custom fit and with no break-in period. Its synthetic soles add to its durability and traction.


The shoe makes you feel like they are pushing you forward. They are the best distance running shoe, but then, again, they are not intended for marathon running.


Reebok Sprint TR 2.0 is great for cross training and light runs. It can keep your feet flat on the ground and almost light enough that you won’t feel the extra weight.


The shoe is not designed for marathon running or sprinting, but they are great for Crossfit training. Another thing is the midfoot of the shoe is a bit narrow, so it won’t be a good fit for those with wide feet.

[su_youtube url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_p3KPczOeU” width=“700”]http://www.youtube.com/embed/HuT4W43J_EY[/su_youtube]

Overall, Reebok Sprint TR 2.0 is a great choice for those doing Crossfit training.

If you are looking for something that will allow you to do workouts will make you feel comfortable even after doing several combinations of routines in a day, this is the pair of footwear that you need to consider. It’s a perfect fit for a training that combines light to moderate lifts with running, as they provide both comfort and speed.

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