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Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes Review [2017]

Adidas Adipower modelAdidas Adipower shoes have been the most common shoes worn by athletes in Olympic games for a while now.

In a market that is gradually changing the Adidas Adipower faces competition from other shoe maker brands. However, as long as there is competition, all shoe companies have to come up with a product that stands out.

This is important as it helps you examine their important factors so that you have an informed choice on what to select. We will examine the Adidas Adipower to find out whether could make the list for your selection.


These shoes are made with a tough solid base while observing the highest quality standards.

The Adidas Adipower’s high quality make ensures that the shoes are durable. So you have no worries when it comes to damages and occasional buying of shoes. The solid base helps you to stay in form throughout lifts, snatch or a clean. Also, the feet remain planted so that you can steadily lift heavy weight. This is because of their traction which is especially good for jerks.


These shoes have a variety of features that make them stand out from its competition.

First of all, as mentioned earlier, they are made with a high-quality finish, so that you may use them for a long time before you think of buying another pair. This is an important aspect as an athlete needs to be comfortable with the shoes they wear in competitions. Instead of swapping shoes every time they go for competitions they can still use the same shoes they used during training.

The shoes also have a PU leather coating, strong mid sole, and vent openings at the base of the shoes.The PU leather enhances its durability and beauty while the strong mid sole enhances its rigidity.

The chassis is constructed with a special polymer adding extra strength to the shoes.This contributes to the longevity of the shoes while minimizing damages to it.

While all brands come in a variety of colors the Adipower is no exception. Complementing its stylish design, which is self-confidence builder, so that can manage even heavier lifts. They also have one instep strap and an air mesh constructed on the PU coated strap.


These shoes were made while ensuring that there is a narrow fit across the foot of an athlete.

How does this influence weightlifting? Well, the shoes offer comfort, stabilizing you during lifts. It does not matter your feet sizes the Adidas Adipower fit comfortably. The shoes are stiff at the beginning, but they start to lose their rigidity when the shoes are worn a couple of times.


When it comes to performance the Adidas Adipower shoes do not disappoint. These shoes are good for resistance training, like dead lifts and squats due to the traction. They are also comfortable with other exercises too. Also, the solid base makes it easy to remain stable through a variety of motions.

However, these shoes are not ideal for track events but are good when doing stationary exercises such as cross training or stationary bike. That means, despite their many advantages, they do not apply in all areas.


Other than the functionality of these shoes, they look great on an athlete. This would really motivate athletes when they prepare for games, especially the Olympics.


Some testers say that the left shoe is very tight. This may, however, be a flaw to that particular shoe they tested. The female shoes did not show any problems.

When walking and standing around, the testers said that they were uncomfortable. These shoes would not be ideal for training that involves moving around.

These shoes are expensive, as they go for $ 200 at, while other trainers come at cheaper prices than this.

Quick video review:

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If you have worn-off shoes or have a shoe that makes you uncomfortable when doing your training, or you just feel that it is time for an upgrade, then the Adidas Adipower is a great option to choose.

However, some shoes come at a cheaper price than the Adidas Adipower, so it’s not a must have shoe. But comparing it with the other shoes it stands above most of them.

Most of the shoes wear out after a short period and this would force you to purchase another pair.

I guess the price carters for this eventuality. The Adidas Adistar is another option to choose from.

Despite being an older version, they are classic and good shoes to buy if you are buying for the first time.

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